Luxury Eyewear Label Makes Full-Coverage Face Shields

Dom_Vetro_Shield - Publicity - H 2020
Courtesy of Dom Vetro

L.A. based designer Dom Vetro is making full-coverage protective face shields that fit over N95 masks in its factory in Culver City.

Another designer is using its factory to manufacture protective gear due to the novel coronavirus crisis. The latest is Los Angeles-based luxury eyewear label Dom Vetro, whose wearers have included Alec Baldwin, Rami Malek, Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper and Al Roker (who wore a dapper blue pair on The Today Show in 2019). The brand now is making full-coverage face shields in Culver City.

Designed with locally sourced materials such as high-clarity plastic to fit over medical masks including N95 types, this reusable shield (which is washable with soap and water) is sold in a kit that includes a translucent sheet of fog-free acrylic; two industrial-strength fasteners that can be attached to any pair of eyewear–optical glasses, sunglasses, goggles or safety glasses; and a specialty cleansing cloth. The full-coverage 12-by-9 inch design protects the entire face including the eyes, nose and mouth without affecting the wearer’s vision.

Dom Vetro founder Ashley Bezamat said in a statement, “In light of current events, we sought to find a way to use our factory and expertise to help protect those on the front lines. We hope that using what limited resources we have as an independent manufacturer, we can help those who are risking their lives to help us. Plus, it’s reusable, making it far less wasteful than some of the other options currently out there. We are also actively seeking donations to enable us to distribute shields free of charge to medical personnel.”   

Each kit retails for $21.95

As a small independent brand, Dom Vetro is actively seeking partnerships and sponsorships so face shields can be donated free of charge to essential workers on the front lines.