Luxury iPad 2 Made With Gold, Diamonds and Dinosaur Bones

iPad 2 Custom Stuart Hughes - H 2011

iPad 2 Custom Stuart Hughes - H 2011

Customized goods maker Stuart Hughes is offering the device for $8 million.

Steve Jobs was exacting in his design demands for all Apple products, including the iPad 2. But that hasn't stopped luxury goods maker Stuart Hughes from putting out a customized iPad 2 covered in gold, diamonds and dinosaur bones. The asking price is $8 million.

First reported by Engadget, the iPad 2 Gold History Edition features a solid 24-carat gold backing, an Apple logo and home button made from 65 flawless diamonds and a screen frame made from ammonite rock (rainbow-colored rock made from the remains of prehistoric mollusks) and slivers of thigh bone from a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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This isn't the first time Stuart Hughes has customized an extremely expensive piece of consumer technology. In 2010, Hughes introduced a solid gold plated iPad with an asking price of $190,000. He also created a diamond-covered iPhone 4 that went for nearly $8 million. (The phone, dubbed "the world's most expensive phone" was covered in over 500 diamonds). Only two of those phones were sold.

His company also makes luxury aquariums with mammoth tusk veneers and an entire house in Switzerland with gold and platinum fixtures and bits of meteoric stone and raptor bone shavings embedded throughout.