L'Wren Scott's Fashion Company to Dissolve

AP Images
L'Wren Scott

The company's director has filed for L.S. Fashion Limited to be removed from U.K. Companies House Register.

A little over a year after the suicide of L'Wren Scott, the late designer's L.S. Fashion Limited is being set to dissolve.

The company's director, John Hoffman, who took the position in the months following Scott's death in March of 2014, has filed to have the 9-year-old business removed from the U.K. Companies House Register. If there are no objections to its closure in the next three months, the brand will officially be dissolved on Sept. 11. 

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Although reports of financial troubles in the weeks leading up to the 49-year-old's death suggested that the company was going to fold last year, these accounts were vehemently denied by publicists. L.S. Fashion Limited has not produced a new collection since her passing. 

Scott's partner of 13 years, Mick Jagger, recently set up a scholarship fund in memory of the designer and former model for fashion students at London's Central Saint Martins college.