Lythgoe, Warwick feel the 'Wrath'


LONDON -- Fox Reality and Sky One have commissioned a new U.S./U.K. co-produced reality show, "Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes," it was announced Monday.

The show puts award-winning entertainment producers Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick in front of the camera, as they pursue their longtime dream to buy a California vineyard. Magic Pictures in Los Angeles and Talent Television in the U.K. will co-produce the show.

Originally planned as a consortium of buyers including Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller, the project falters as one by one the investors pull out, leaving the former "American Idol" producers Lythgoe and Warwick to pursue their dream investment alone.

Sky One director of television Richard Woolfe said the show will give the veteran entertainment producers "some of their own TV reality medicine."