LyveHome to Store Photos in Unlimited Space

The storage system backs up photos from multiple devices and eliminates the need to delete any images.

Finally, a place to store all your endless selfies: LyveHome is making it possible for consumers to access and save all their photos and videos in one place.

The box-shaped device serves as a master database where photos and videos from cell phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers can be stored permanently, Lyve Minds founder and CEO Tim Bucher, who previously worked with tech entrepreneurs Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell, told The Hollywood Reporter.

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Through the Lyve app -- which will be available on iOS, Android, OS X and Windows devices -- all content can be saved wirelessly to LyveHome, which is equipped with a touch screen so users can control how files are stored and viewed.

Bucher started Lyve Minds, the company that developed LyveHome, in 2012, but had thought about the concept of endless storage for photos and videos for years. "I even started a company as a precursor to this called Mirra, a metadata service," Bucher said. "It's something I thought was coming a long time ago. But the time is definitely right now."

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His experiences in working with three great tech giants was instructive, he said.

"I learned from three great leaders. Steve was about vertical integration, creating the best consumer-user experience. Bill would always drill into me: software. Michael was big on cost."

LyveHome will be available for $299 beginning April 15.