M6's 'Little Nick' goes globetrotting

CGI-animated TV series to air in France Sept. 2009

CANNES -- Gallic TV network M6's animation production subsidiary M6 Studio is sending popular animated schoolboy "Little Nick" across the globe at this year's MIPCOM.

The CG-animated adaptation of Rene Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempe's best-selling children's books has already pre-sold to Greece, Poland, Turkey and Latin America, the net said Monday, and the series' international sales rep SND expects to close other territories throughout the week.

The 52-episode, 12-minute format, set to air on M6 in September -- just in time for the 50th anniversary of the books -- is co-produced by Method Animation, German pubcaster and distribution arm ZDF/ZDFE, Indian entertainment group DQ Entertainment International and Luxembourg studio Luxanimation.

The "Little Nick" books have sold more than 10 million copies in 30 countries since they were first published in 1959, and a big-screen adaptation produced by Fidelite will hit Gallic theaters in September.
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