Maas to kick his 'Botox' habit


Dutch director Dick Maas has changed the title of his black comedy "The Botox Method" after pressure from U.S. pharmaceutical giant Allergan, his Dutch distributor said Thursday.

Independent Film said the filmmaker has renamed his film "Moordwijven" (Killer Wives). It currently is being edited.

Last month, Allergan told the director to drop the word Botox from the title since it owns the copyrights on what is a brand name. If Maas had not opted for the name change, Allergan would have taken him to court.

Maas said Thursday that he was eager at first to take the case into the legal system.

"Our lawyer gave us a fair chance to win the case. We have also been talking to Allergan, but nothing was solved. The problem is that we cannot afford an expensive legal battle," he said. "I like the new title, too. It covers the content of the film even better."

"Wives" deals with three filthy-rich ladies who hire a contract killer in the red-light district of Amsterdam to get rid of an adulterous husband.

The movie, produced by Tom de Mol and mainly financed by RTL Netherlands, will premiere in December in Holland.