MAC Announces Ellie Goulding Collaboration

Ellie Goulding - P 2015
AP Images

Ellie Goulding - P 2015

The singer, not Caitlyn Jenner, is the next star to partner with the beauty brand.

After all the buzz that MAC Cosmetics had been talking to Caitlyn Jenner, and the subsequent quashing of those rumors by the major beauty brand, they’ve announced who is actually starring in their next collaboration: Ellie Goulding.

The British singer — and pal of Taylor Swift, who recently appeared in her “Bad Blood” video alongside a slew of other stars — will lend her gorgeous face to a campaign out in December to go along with her MAC Ellie Goulding line of products.

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The collection seems to be in keeping with her preference for natural, glowy makeup looks, containing pinkish bronze lipsticks, shimmery nude lip gloss, a natural eyeshadow palette, false lashes and bronzer, all with a chic black and gold EG monogram logo. It appears the products are all there to recreate Goulding’s radiant visage.