Mac OS X Lion: What the Reviews Are Saying


Over one million users have already downloaded Apple's new operating system since its Wednesday release.

On Wednesday, Apple revealed its latest upgrade to the Mac OS X operating system, Lion. Twenty-four hours later, the company says over a million users have already downloaded the new release, making it the fastest beginning of any operating system in the company's history. 

Here's what tech writers have had to say about Lion. 

The New York Times' David Pogue is a fan of the upgrade, but points out it's new features mirror another Apple product: the iPad. 

“In Lion, there are iPad-like multitouch gestures,” he writes. “Pinch four fingers to open Launchpad. Twist two to rotate. Swipe up with three fingers to open Mission Control, a clickable constellation of thumbnails that show all open programs and windows. And so on.”

While Pogue thinks these changes are easy to adapt to, he does caution users about one of the new features. “Warning: you scroll a page up by dragging two fingers up, as on the iPad. It makes sense; after all, you scroll the screen left by dragging left, and right to go right. But it takes a couple days to stop scrolling the wrong direction, as we’ve been doing for decades.”'s Rosa Golijan also highlighted the update's iPad similarities, and gushed over Lion's new Mail App. "t's bee-you-tee-full," she said. "It looks more like its iPad counterpart -- which my inner fangirl adores, of course -- but it's also got quite a few new little features. There's the redesigned message list, a new favorites bar, a new formatting bar, search tokens, and color-coded labels which will help you organize everything."

But, Time's tech man, Matt Peckham has a different point of view, titling his review "How I Dislike Thee, OS X Lion, Let Me Count the Ways." 

He calls out the long time it takes to download the 4GB program, it's glitches and the counter-intuitive scrolling. But, Peckham does admit "there's lots to like (if not always love) about OS X Lion."  Though that followed with the qualifier that it, "feels clumsier than either Leopard or Snow Leopard did when they launched."

PC Mag called out Lion's similarities to its biggest rival, writing that "some of the good ideas in OS X Lion look a lot like Microsoft's best ideas for Windows 7."