Macaulay Culkin Forms Pizza-Themed Velvet Underground Tribute Band


The actor's new band is called The Pizza Underground, whose songs ooze with cheesy puns.

Because, why not? Macaulay Culkin has formed a pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band called The Pizza Underground.

As the The Guardian reports, the Home Alone star's band includes four musicians from New York's anti-folk scene: Matt Colbourn, Phoebe Kreutz, Deenah Vollmer and Austin Kilham. Culkin is credited with "percussion/kazoo/vocals." The group formed in 2012 and recently performed at Comic Arts Brooklyn, as well as a Lou Reed tribute show at the anti-folk landmark the Sidewalk Cafe in early November.

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Last week the group released a demo tape from a live recording session taped at Culkin's house in November. The recording includes a medley of tracks such as "Papa John Says," "I'm Waiting for Delivery Man" and "Take a Bite of the Wild Slice."

Each song is oozing with cheesy puns, such as "Cheese Days" to the "These Days" tune: "I've been out walking / I don't do too much toppings these days / Cheese days / Cheese days I seem to order cheese and don't say please and then I walk away / Don't ask for pepperoni, not today," as well as the track, "I'm Beginning to Eat the Slice" set to the melody of "I'm Beginning to See the Light." "Here we go again, eating 'za again / There we go again / Hand me a napkin / Alright!"

Since the news broke, the band's Facebook and Twitter accounts have steadily been growing a following. According to their account's recent Twitter posts, the group has sold out of T-shirts, received shoutouts from punk legend Legs McNeil and received interest from a Good Morning America producer.

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter noted that Culkin appeared at New York Comic Con, looking happy and well-nourished after tabloids claimed he had been nursing a deadly drug addiction in the summer of 2012.

Listen to the Pizza Underground demo upload below: