'Macbeth' plays via Truly, Union


NEW YORK -- Wagner/Cuban Cos.' Truly Indie and Union Station Media will domestically distribute Geoffrey Wright's updated film adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth."

Set in the contemporary crime world of Melbourne, Australia, "Macbeth" features Sam Worthington, star of James Cameron's upcoming 3-D sci-fi film "Avatar," as the title character. The film closely follows the original text, infusing it with modern-day sex scenes and violence.

The unrated feature will debut June 15 in Seattle, followed by openings throughout August in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Austin.

"Macbeth" won 2006 Australian Film Institute Awards for costume design and production design.

Aussie director Wright's credits include "Romper Stomper," starring Russell Crowe, and "Cherry Falls."

Truly Indie is a program for filmmakers seeking self-distribution at theaters nationwide. The distribution deal was negotiated by Union Station, Arclight, the film’s producer Martin Fabinyi and Truly Indie executive director Kelly Sanders.