MacDowell, Graves give all for 'Art'


Andie MacDowell and Rupert Graves have joined the cast of Mary McGuckian's latest comedic feature, "Art in Las Vegas."

U.K. production company Pembridge Pictures said Tuesday that "Art in Las Vegas" will begin production this summer, filming in London and Las Vegas.

"Drawing on the evolving talent pool of cast and crew from (previous movies) 'Rag Tale' and 'Intervention,' the production will continue to redefine the film production process, focusing on performance and collaborative improvisation," the company said in a statement.

"Art," or Assisted Reproductive Technology, presents a look behind the scenes of the fast-growing "test-tube baby" industry. The film follows a number of women undergoing the procedure when something goes amiss.

Other cast members include John Sessions, Jennifer Tilly, Lucy Davis, Donna D'Errico, Colm Feore, Geraldine Chaplin and her daughter, Oona Chaplin.

Pembridge Pictures is producing alongside U.K.-based Scion Films and Toronto-based Prospero Pictures.