Machinima's 'Bite Me' Zombie Comedy Headed to FEARnet

Lionsgate Logo Key Art 2011

Lionsgate has partnered with the online video network to renew the apocalyptic sitcom for a second season.

TORONTO - Lionsgate Entertainment is pacting with Machinima, the popular online video network for video gamers, to renew the zombie horror comedy Bite Me.

The second season of the long form premium content will debut March 6 on the YouTube-based Machinima Network online, and on FEARnet, Lionsgate’s horror-themed cable network also backed Sony and Comcast.

The renewal of Bite Me was announced by Allen DeBevoise, chairman and CEO of Machinima, and Lionsgate's Curt Marvis.

The deal further gets Machinima away from game-oriented programming and into long-form narrative content, and allows Lionsgate to program Bite Me on Fearnet as it continues building out its digital platforms.

"FEARnet and Machinima share similar audiences and this is a great opportunity to promote the FEARnet brand on Machinima and vice versa,” FEARnet president Peter Block said Friday.