Macmillan Publishers Expands Film Division

Editor Brendan Deneen will lead a company-wide effort to foster page-to-screen development with its newly christened Macmillan Entertainment.

Macmillan Publishers announced that it was expanding its in-house film and TV efforts from the Thomas Dunne imprint at subsidiary St. Martin's Press to the entire company.

It is rechristening the initiative Macmillan Entertainment and dropping the earlier Macmillan Films name.

The company has projects in development at MGM, Legendary Pictures, Sony Pictures Television and The Weinstein Co.

The major book and magazine publishers, notably Random House and Conde Nast, have started or expanded in-house film divisions in recent years to expedite the page-to-screen process and to capture more of the revenue that a hit book-based film franchise can generate over time (think Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight).

Brendan Deneen, an editor at Thomas Dunne Books, will head up the new division. He was the head of Macmillan Films.

Deneen, an author, comic book writer and former Miramax executive, has been at the forefront of developing original content in-house (often co-owned by the publisher) and promoting the simultaneous development of the books with their film/TV versions.

Macmillan Entertainment will also work with authors and literary agents to turn existing properties in the company's publishing catalog into movies or TV series.

"I'm excited to further build Macmillan Entertainment and extend our reach into Hollywood. We're working on a number of amazing projects, and I think this is a win-win scenario for authors, agents, editors, producers and studios," said Deneen in a statement.