'Mad Max Fury Road' Location Scrapped

George Miller says the Australian desert is "too green" for filming.

SYDNEY  -- The fourth installment of George Miller’s Mad Max franchise, Fury Road, is looking for alternative shooting locations just two months before pre-production is due to start, after the decision was made to move filming from the Australian outback near Broken Hill, Miller said Thursday.

Miller told local paper the Sydney Morning Herald that the desert there remains too green for filming what’s supposed to be a post-apocalyptic landscape, after extended rain which forced the shoot to be postponed for 12 months last year.

"The Mad Max landscape looked like Wales," Miller told the paper. "There was a carpet of flowers on the location we were shooting on. There's no way it's going to brown off. Not only that, we wanted to shoot some of the shots on Lake Eyre but now it's full of pelicans.''

Pre-production on the film is scheduled for October and other international locations are being considered including Morocco, Chile and China the SMH says, while other Australian locations are still being considered. Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Hugh Keays-Byrne are set to star.

Miller is currently in post production on Happy Feet 2 which will be released in December.

On a brighter note for fans, however Miller said that Fury Road will be the first part of a new Mad Max trilogy, with scripts being written for fifth and sixth movies. Mad Max Furiosa has been tipped as the title for the fifth film.  

The decision to move locations comes despite a two year lease being signed on studios and property on the outback city of Broken Hill.