'Mad Men' Creator Matthew Weiner Speaks Out on Delay

Matthew Weiner
Francois Durand/Getty Images


Weiner is balking at what he characterizes as cost-cutting measures, including more product placement, ditching as many as six regular cast members over three years and shaving two minutes off each episode to squeeze in more commercials. 

"I am fighting for the cast and crew," he says.

Matthew Weine gave an interview to Mad Men blog Basket of Kisses to offer more insight into why the show is delayed until 2012.

"I want the fans to know directly from me that I had nothing to do with this delay and it is not about money,” he said while on vacation.  “I am fighting for the cast and for the show. And I appreciate the kindness and concern of the fans."

Weiner says that negotiations have only recently begun, as The Hollywood Reporter wrote Tuesday: "We didn't have an actual conversation until three weeks ago."

He also confirms that AMC requested he cut two characters per season.

“Even though people have left the show, none of that has ever been about money…I’ve brought the show in on budget. I’ve been a good producer," he said.

He denies that he's asking for $30 million over a three-year contract which multiple sources tell THR and other outlets.

"First of all, the number that’s been published is not true," he says. "Second of all, I offered to have less money, to save the cast, and to leave the show in the running time that it’s supposed to be. The harder that I’ve fought for the show, the more money that they’ve offered me.”

How can fans fight for the show?

“Everyone can hold on, and we’ll see if it’s necessary, but of course I would want them to express their feelings," he said. "I can’t even tell you what it’s meant to me to have intelligent people who care about the show, who reflect about it, who obsess about it, it’s been a total surprise to me. It’s surpassed everything I would ever have expected.”