The Makeup of 'Mad Men': Three Leading Ladies, Three Different Looks

Mad Men Style Beauty - H 2012

Mad Men Style Beauty - H 2012

Head makeup artist Lana Horochowski reveals her designs for Jessica Pare, Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks (one of whom is deliberately made to look wrong!).

This story first appeared in the June 22 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Megan's Sultry Siren: "Megan is young, fresh and represents the woman that's breaking us into the later '60s and Mod Era," says the Emmy-nominated Horochowski of the new Mrs. Draper (Jessica Pare). "Unlike Betty and Joan, who favor more conservative looks, she's an experimental twentysomething." Bold crimson lips (Nars' Red Square is a favorite), coral blush and heavily lined charcoal eyes are used to play up her "fiery, sexy side."

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Joan's Amped-Up Neutrals: Natural beauty Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) is all about pretty, soft shades that complement her features. "We give her a pouty baby-pink lip and define her eyes," says Horochowski, who applies MAC's Soft Brown shadow. "Although she glams it up for night, you'll never see Joan cross over from her standard look." Will becoming a firm partner affect her makeup? Horochowski is tight-lipped about anything to come in season six.

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Peggy's Pops of Color: "She's the girl who goes to the drugstore and buys makeup but doesn't apply it properly," says Horochowski of former Sterling copywriter Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss). "She's more focused on her career." However, Peggy's bright hues -- peach blush, pink lipstick and blue shadow -- are on trend for summer 2012. When wearing colorful shades, Horochowski recommends blending well for a more sophisticated look than Miss Olson's.