'Mad Men' Prop Auction: 8 Cool Items Attracting Bids (or Not)


Don's Caddy, the necklace Herb Rennet gave Joan and the cancelled check that caused Lane's suicide are among the 1,500 items up for sale.

ScreenBid is auctioning off about 1,500 Mad Men props in an online sale that runs through August 6. Opening bids start as low $50. Here’s eight cool items that are attracting a surprising amount of attention (or not):

Don’s 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille
Currently: $26,250
Bids: 60

One of the most bid on items and currently the most expensive piece of memorabilia in the whole auction is Don’s Caddy (seen here at the end of season 6 when he came clean on his past to Sally, Bobby and Gene). Sold as is so no idea if it works, but how much fun would this be to drive around your ‘hood in?

Don’s “Why I’m Quitting Tobacco” New York Times ad.
Currently: $3,600
Bids: 45

In season four’s twelfth episode, Don spun the crisis of losing the Lucky Strike tobacco account into gold by penning an essay/ad declaring that Sterling Cooper was out of the tobacco business.

Don’s RCA TV Remote Control
Currently: $1,500
Bids: 23

This nondescript vintage early-generation remote has attracted a lot of attention for a prop that was used by Don, Joan, Harry and Megan at different points in the series run.

Sterling, Cooper and Partners Business Cards
Currently: $850

This collection of nine SC&P cards from Bert, Peggy, Pete, Ted, Harry, Jim, Joan, Roger and, of course, Don would look really cool framed. 

Lane’s Cancelled Check
Currently: $700
Bids: 22

Arguably one of the most important pieces of memorabilia in the show’s history is this cancelled check for $7,500 made out to Lane Pryce to cover a tax bill — only problem is he forged Don’s signature. Two episodes later in season 5’s twelfth installment, Bert Cooper discovers the forgery and Don tells Lane he’ll have to quit, which leads Lane to commit suicide. It was devastating TV yet this item can be had for less than a grand right now. A steal.

Joan’s Emerald Necklace from Herb Rennet
Currently: $550
Bids: 18

In season 5’s eleventh episode Pete pimps out Joan to the greasy fat Jaguar dealer Herb Rennet. The partners go along with it (without Don’s knowledge but he’s two late to stop it). In exchange Joan gets a piece of the agency (which later made her rich) but viewers all across America were yelling “don’t do it.” In a token of his (scummy) appreciation, Herb gave this necklace to Joan as gift. Only $550 for this prop and you don’t have to sleep with Herb? Yes please.

Bob Benson’s Gift Football
Currently: $75
Bids: 3

As part of his plan to wheedle his way into Joan’s life (and get her to agree to a sham marriage to hide his homosexuality), Bob Benson gives her son Kevin this football as a gift in season 6’s seventh episode. At $75, you’d be a fool not to intercept this prop before someone else gets it.

Lee Garner, Jr.’s Navy Ring
Currently: $75
Bids: 1

Garner, the son of Lucky Strike owner Lee, Sr., was quite a character: he humiliated the firm at its Christmas party, came onto Sal Romano (who rebuffed him) and then nearly sunk SC&P by taking the company’s account to BBDO. Throughout it all, he was always seen with this Navy ring which so far has only attracted one bid and can be had for $100 right now.