'Mad Men' Season 6 Premiere: What Hollywood Is Saying

Mad Men Megan Don Draper S6 Premiere - H 2013

Mad Men Megan Don Draper S6 Premiere - H 2013

AMC's drama series returned Sunday night, with Conan O'Brien, Richard Roeper, Keith Olbermann and "Late Show's" Eric Stangel among those sharing their take on the two-hour opener.

After 10 months, Mad Men finally returned with a new episode Sunday night.

AMC's Emmy-winning drama series premiered its sixth season Sunday night with a two-hour episode that found Don Draper (Jon Hamm) not speaking an actual word (other than in a brief voice-over) until seven minutes in.

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The episode, titled "The Doorway," kicked off in Hawaii, where the Drapers are checking out a Honolulu hotel that could be a potential Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce client. Later, it's revealed that Don has been cheating on Megan (Jessica Pare), who is recurring on a soap opera, with Sylvia (Linda Cardellini).

Elsewhere, Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) is working on a Super Bowl commercial, Roger (John Slattery) buries his mother, and Betty's (January Jones) daughter's friend takes off for California after being rejected by Juilliard -- and Betty dyes her hair black after searching for the girl in a Greenwich Village hovel.

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Viewers in Hollywood and elsewhere hit Twitter after the episode aired to share their reactions, which were decidedly mixed. Among them:

Eric Stangel‏?

According to the promo- Next week on ?#MadMen people say words.

And ?#sideboob and ?#madmen will trend on twitter in 3...2...1...

Carrie Byalick

If this was a Friends episode it would be called "The one with the lighter" ?#madmen

Questo of The Roots‏?

Obviously this is Betty's version of the Taj Mahal/Jungle Fever scene ?#MadMen

Richard Roeper‏?

Seacrest Tweeting about some Kim/Kourtney show the night Mad Men returns reminds me of Albert Brooks' take on the devil in Broadcast News.

Justin Stangel‏?

In honor of the new season of Mad Men, I smoked a cigarette, drank a martini, and slapped my wife!

Rob Delaney

MAD MEN? More like I’ll be “SAD WHEN” this award winning series comes to an end!

Conan O'Brien

It's hard to transition from The Walking Dead to Mad Men in one week. AMC could help by having Don Draper wear an eye patch.

Alissa S.‏?

So nothing happens on Mad Men any more? Or what?

Kevin Lukacs‏?

Mad Men left me with a bitter, cynical taste in my mouth. I loved every second of it. ?@MadMen_AMC


My favorite thing about Mad Men though is how stolen identity has always been the most boring plot.

Bill Scurry‏?

Boy, tonight's premiere of "Mad Men"  SURE TROWELED ON THE DEATH THICKLY.

David Doc. Rogers‏?

If the season finale of House of Lies has as much emotion as Shameless and Game of Thrones and even Mad Men had tonight, idk already awed!

Jake Rotter‏?

?mad men is so interesting. character-wise, the men are actually relatively flat whereas the women are so dynamic that they run

Connor Doyle‏?

My takeaway from tonight's Mad Men: The 70s were a better time to drink whiskey to excess, owing to all the pot-like things lying around.

Katie Wienke‏?

My prediction for the series finale of ?#madmen, miserable Don Draper plunges to his death as depicted in the credit openings.

Rafay Agha‏?

So far, I'm just super annoyed by season 6 of ?#MadMen. The drunk guy at the bar...annoying. Megan? Annoying. Don hating everything? Annoying

Kacie Withak

#MadMen in a nutshell: Meagan's teeth, Betty's cheeks, Don is sad,  homeless Ganache.

Marisa Balkus‏?

Re: Game of Thrones -- at what point does adaptation become butchery? Meanwhile, Mad Men remains flawless.


Oh, thank goodness. That is finally over. Longest two-hour episode on earth. ?#MadMen

Samantha Roberts‏?

Can we just talk about the crazy ?@MadMen_AMC tonight? Kind of speechless and so happy it's back. Best show on television. ?#MadMen

Drew M‏?

I watched 5 minutes of Mad Men for first time. Verdict: It needs zombies

Kristie Yeung

Can't wait to read the internet's recaps & reviews of tonight's ?#madmen. What themes! What questions! What hairiness!

Corey Anderson

I haven't seen an episode of Mad Men in over 2 years. Five minutes into an episode, and I fall deeply in love once again.


In some shows there is sword fighting, in others, gun play, & then there is critically  acclaimed over hyped pencil fighting. ?#MadMen

Sam Valley

I'm now craving Johnnie Walker for some reason. ?#madmen

Jon Ralston‏?

So I've seen the first 15 minutes of "Mad Men," and it has the same actors, but what is this show they are all in now? Tell me it improves.

Chip Pope‏?

Mad Men has jumped the shark. New York never had a HawaiiTown! ?#inaccurate

Nancy Allen‏?

I guess it's just me. What's happened to ?#MadMen? What a mess!

Greg Berlanti‏?

If they kill Roger Sterling this year on Mad Men I'm going to be so upset.

Keith Olbermann‏?

Next week on ?#Madmen : Coming attractions featuring one syllable per character

Michelle Branch‏?

I think I figured out why I couldn't sleep last night. It was all the excitement over Jon Hamm being back on TV tonight. Hehe. Yay! ?#MadMen