'Girls on Men' Podcast, Season 7, Episode 2: Peggy's Bow Tie Sags and Joan Soars in Red


Episode two of "Mad Men" has us seeing Valentine's red at #pretapodcasts as we dissect the symbolism of some "cursed roses," a slowly unraveling necktie and the most meaningful "Mad Men" Valentines duo to date.

Another week, another episode of Mad Men. And tonight, we found ourselves watching Valentine's Day come and go in the Sterling Cooper and Partners' office -- with slightly mixed results. 

The majority of the office seemed to be alone on V-Day. And those who were coupled up were rather meh about making a big thing of it all (Lou, the crotchety gentleman who has taken over Don's office, sent his assistant to buy his wife a measly bottle of perfume that very same day). Peggy, on the other hand, thought she was lucky in love after being greeted by a big bouquet of roses, which we soon found out belonged to someone else. Wah wah

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Even little Sally Draper got in on the Valentine's Day fun, ditching a funeral in favor of a Manhattan shopping trip that took an unexpected turn (do check out Kiernan Shipka's eyebrows, which most definitely look nothing short of spectacular. We sense a new Brooke Shields in the making). 

The surprising duo who actually had the most tender of the Hallmark holiday's moments? You'll have to listen to our latest "Girls on Men" podcast to find out, in which we also break down Sad Peggy's sad color palette (put on some bright colors and smile, girl) and praise Pete for locking down a feisty real estate agent despite his horrid hairline and pair of questionable mutton chops.

Listen below to the full audio of the second episode of Girls on Men, recapping episode two, "A Day's Work"