'Mad Men' Stars Vincent Kartheiser, Kiernan Shipka Talk Fashion

Vincent Kartheiser Clothing PR Image - H 2012

Vincent Kartheiser Clothing PR Image - H 2012

Two of the stars of the AMC drama get interviewed about their personal style -- and are treated like fashion icons. But it's not the stars you'd expect on this subject.

When one thinks Mad Men and fashion, January Jones, Jessica Pare and Christina Hendricks come to mind -- or the show's costume designer, Janie Bryant. But now Pete Campbell -- aka, actor Vincent Kartheiser (wildly unappreciated, in our opinion) -- and Sally Draper, aka twelve year old Kiernan Shipka, have fashion stories and segments all about them in major media outlets. 

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Kartheiser models an Etro velvet blazer, YSL shirts and sweaters, Alexander McQueen trousers, and many other luxe menswear items on the online pages of MrPorter.com, the male version of the great shopping website Net a Porter. Brandishing a mustache, Kartheiser barely resembles Pete Campbell, he looks more like a rarefied British dandy -- although he does admit he findx a lot in common with his character, in the interview.

Since Pete is so disliked by all, he admits worrying that his co-stars may dislike him too:  "He's perpetually unsatisfied, and that's a trait I share. Peter is a little man, and so am I. Little physically, but also in the game. Don't get me wrong, I get along terribly well with the cast. I don't think they hate me as much as they hate Pete Campbell, but maybe I worry that they do. So I share that with Pete."

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As fashion savvy as Kartheiser looks in the layout, it's definitely not in his true nature. For many years, he didn't drive a car, and gave away a lot of possessions, as he claimed he wanted to live an ascetic lifestyle. Now, he says he finally does own a car, but -- "I won't tell you which kind, but it's below $25,000, and it's a manual. I'm changing my own gears, buddy." Probably not in an Etro velvet jacket, either.

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Shipka, who's admitted a love for fashion in her own life, does an interview for Harper's Bazaar's YouTube channel, The Look, sharing some of her favorite pieces from her closet, including Sally Draper's go-go boots. As for her style role models -- she names Willow Smith and Helena Bonham Carter. Interesting choices for a twelve year old!