The Ladies of 'Mad Men' Toast Melinda Lee Holm Jewelry

Janie Bryant and Jessica Pare - H 2015

Janie Bryant and Jessica Pare - H 2015

Christina Hendricks and Jessica Paré gather at costume designer Janie Bryant's home to fete the metaphysical baubles.

If you’ve been coveting Eva Longoria’s necklace on NBC comedy Telenovela as of late, chances are it’s by L.A. designer Melinda Lee Holm. Costume designer Janie Bryant — the force behind the award-winning mid-century modern looks on Mad Men — has been an avid fan of the designer since first laying eyes on her fine-jewelry pieces imbued with metaphysical properties two years ago. So it’s no surprise she opted for one of the brand’s signature, show-stopping quartz crystal necklaces to be worn by Longoria’s character on her latest project.

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"Melinda combines simplicity and elegance with an edge and raw organic feel. I also love extra benefits of what the gems and crystals possess," said Bryant.  On Wednesday night, those metaphysical properties were put to the test when the costume designer hosted an intimate affair at her L.A. home to celebrate the debut of her friend’s namesake line, Melinda Lee Holm Jewelry, alongside Mad Men stars Christina Hendricks and co-host Jessica Paré.

Sporting the line's bold Herkimer diamond quartz necklace for the occasion, Bryant welcomed guests including Nora Zehetner, Rachael Leigh Cook, Bethany Joy Lenz, blogger Ari Cohen of Advanced Style, and designer Corey Lynn Calter into her home, where pieces from Holm’s metaphysical fine-jewelry line sparkled on display. Featuring natural crystals, stones, and metals all blessed under a full moon, the debut collection also shared the spotlight with Holm’s Prescription Adornments — one-of-a-kind pieces tailored for her clients, based on a personal consultation.

PARTY PEOPLE: Melinda Lee Holm and Bethany Joy Lenz at the intimate gathering. (Photo: Rex Features)

"Melinda made an incredibly beautiful prescription piece for me based on an absolutely fascinating tarot card reading," said Paré, who initially met the designer at the urging of Bryant. "The necklace, which has raw rubies and strawberry quartz, has been such an amulet for me; a touchstone to remind me of my own strength and my enormous capacity to love. And also to not be such a bitch sometimes."

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"Even in casual conversation I can help someone find the perfect piece of jewelry to support them energetically or assist them in achieving goals," says Holm, who wore a single raw peridot on a chain to help her "be present for the evening," paired with quartz crystals on a silver chain. "Quartz crystal is one of my favorite stones. It opens divine connection and amplifies the energy of other stones. Quartz is also the most common mineral on Earth, so it always makes me feel tapped in to this global network of magic." Did it work? "I had a wonderful night!" she said.