'Mad Men's' Heavy Betty Francis Character Inspires Spoof Twitter Account


Continuing the internet snark about the January Jones-portrayed character's fat suit, a fan launched a food-related Twitter feed.

After Angelina Jolie's right leg, Jennifer Lopez's you-know-what and Bradley Cooper's moustache got post Oscar Twitter pages, you just knew this had to happen.

Mad Men's Fat Betty Francis now has her own Twitter account.

January Jones's Betty shocked audiences in the second episode on Sunday (April 1) with a good 50-pound weight gain. In reality, Jones wore a fat suit, but it's the character that is the subject of the mocking.

The formerly in-control perfectionist who now stays home because she can't squeeze into her pretty party dresses, won't let her husband see her naked and secretly finishes her child’s ice cream (after finding out that she doesn’t have a thyroid tumor, she’s just fat) has tugged on our collective heartstrings. Who among us hasn't sighed when a zipper doesn't come all the way up or vowed to cut back when buttons refuse to stay buttoned? And is having the last piece of chocolate really such a sin? 

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Which is probably why Fat Betty Francis has tweeted more than 167 mini-missives since Sunday and accumulated more than 3,334 followers. Here’s why Mad Men fans are following her:

‘They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so an apple PIE a day should work even better.’

“I’ve had three door-to-door salesmen visit the house and not one of them wsa selling Girl Scout cookies. What an awful morning.’

‘I hate this place, I hate our friends, I hate this town. But I do LOVE garlic butter dipping sauce with my cheesy breads.’

‘Cookies and milk are like cereal. Cereal is a breakfast food. And I can’t eat breakfast without bacon. So now I have to make bacon.’

“How do you get fried chicken stains out of a blouse? I don’t want to let that grease just sit in the fabric and go to waste.”

“Lunch time! Lunch has always been my 3rd favorite mid-day meal.”

Fat Betty Francis may no be long for the Twitterverse if January Jones character slims back down to fighting weight. But for right now, it's amusing. Can’t wait to see what Fat Betty Francis Tweets after this Sunday’s episode.


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