'Girls On Men' Podcast with 'Mad Men's' Kevin Rahm

Michael Yarish/AMC

The "Mad Men" actor, who plays the perpetually turtlenecked Ted Chaough, joined #pretapodcasts to discuss the AMC series' season seven premiere.

Kevin Rahm, otherwise known as Ted Chaough on Mad Men, or "good guy Ted" as we coined him, joined #pretapodcasts for our first episode of Girls On Men.

Rahm revealed what he could about the seventh and final season of the AMC drama, including his character's legendary turtlenecks, his perilous future with Peggy and what it's like to play dress-up with legendary costume designer Janie Bryant -- with whom he may be designing a Mad Men inspired specialty line? Plus, why the actor was waiting for a sniper to take him out before the podcast was even over.

Listen below to the full audio of the first episode of Girls On Men, recapping the season premiere "Time Zones."