'Mad Men''s Kiernan Shipka, Rosanne Cash, Food Network's Ted Allen Pledge Their CD Collections for Autism Research

Newly launched charity CDSweep takes used CDs and turns them into dollar donations.

In the digital age, music diehards, industry players, journalists and casual listeners (especially those over the age of 35) are encountering a similar problem: what do to with all those CDs collecting dust on the shelves?

Leave it to a former Apple executive to find the perfect solution and better the world in the process. CDSweep, founded by Bay Area-based PR veteran Jason Roth, offers a brilliant and truly needed service: they take your old CDs, donate them, and the proceeds from their resale go directly to funding critical autism research. An added bonus: if requested, CDSweep will even digitize an entire collection gratis and send it back as MP3s. (The donation is tax-deductible and shipping is free with prepaid FedEx labels.)

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The charity, which is partnered with the Autism Science Foundation (ASF), launched on June 5 and has already collected more than 10,000 discs. It's also received some key Twitter endorsements. Rosanne Cash, singer-songwriter and eldest daughter of music legend Johnny Cash, wrote: “This is such a great idea -- donate your old CDs to fund autism research.”

Food Network’s Ted Allen appealled to shamed music buyers from the early 90s, tweeting, "Be a hero just for dumping the Spin Doctors!”

Actor Paul Adelstein said, “Amazing idea! Get rid of that old stuff!!” and Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka encouraged her followers to “Pass it on!”

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Said ASF president Alison Singer: “Donating your used music through CDSweep is simple but it can directly help the millions of Americans challenged by autism. ... There’s never been a more important time to help further research because of the many real people who have real needs today.”

For more information or to get rid of your copy of Pocket Full of Kryptonite, visit CDSweep’s website.

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