Made in Asia: South Korea


In recent years, South Korea has greatly increased the number of incentives available for foreign filmmakers.

The Korean Film Council has long supported the local film industry in a wide variety of ways, and in recent years has stepped up support for international films looking to shoot in Korea. Begun in 2005, KOFIC's International Co-Production Film Support Program offers up to $200,000 for Korea/international co-productions under $3 million that are shot in Korea.

Furthermore, KOFIC will launch an international co-production fund starting in 2009.

The Seoul Film Commission has been one of the most active, offering refunds of up to 25% of spend in Seoul, to a maximum of $100,000, for features, documentaries or television. The SFC also offers scouting support, providing airfare for two people and accommodation costs for three nights.

Gyeonggi Film Commission, which represents the region just outside of Seoul, also has several subsidies, including up to $50,000 rebates for on-location shooting. The Incheon Film Commission also offers up to $50,000 in rebates.

Busan Film Commission is preparing incentives for its new postproduction facility, scheduled to open in October, but details have not been finalized yet.

In addition, Korea possesses many large studio facilities, such as the Seoul Studio Complex, featuring seven studios with more than 48,000 square feet of space; the Art Service Studio, with three studios and 25,000 square feet of space; and the Busan Cinema Studio, with two studios and a total of 27,000 square feet of space.

The newest is the Jeonju Cinema Studio, operated by the Jeonju Film Commission, featuring over 10,700 square feet of indoor studio space, almost 500,000 square feet of outdoor studio space and a full set of modern facilities.

Jeonju indoor studios cost just $400 per day, with significant discounts available for larger productions. Outdoor studio usage costs $100 per day.

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