'Mademoiselle C': Carine Roitfeld on 'Bringing New Vision' for CR Fashion Book (Video)

Carine Roitfeld

CR Fashion Book founder and editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld said it was more nerve-wracking watching the documentary about her on the big screen than running a magazine. Of Mademoiselle C director Fabien Constant she said: "I trusted him, you know, because when I like someone, I give all my confidence."

The legendary fashion editor explains how she committed to the Fabien Constant-directed documentary, since her new magazine is "one of the more important projects" she has ever done.

The last few years have brought us major fashion world documentaries about larger-than-life personalities like Valentino and Anna Wintour, but Mademoiselle C -- the new documentary about French fashion icon and former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, directed by Paris documentarian Fabien Constant -- is a doc of a different color.

Mademoiselle C paints the story of how a warm, well-dressed and hardworking stylist leaves behind a big job and bigger magazine to start her very own publication in New York, CR Fashion Book.

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"I totally give my confidence to Fabien," Roitfeld said of her film director during a video shoot for The Hollywood Reporter at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in New York. "He asked me about doing this documentary about this new magazine, which is such an important project for me. Maybe one of the more important projects that I've ever done so I said, 'OK, let's do it.' "

"People ask me 'Why you want to do another magazine -- 10 years at Vogue, a great magazine? Why do you want to make a new one? It's so difficult and there's already so many,' " said Roitfeld. "I wanted to do something new, bring a new vision."

Constant, who met Roitfeld at French Vogue and captured her journey in starting CR Fashion Book, explained how the fashion icon trusted him 100 percent with the project and gave him the same kind of liberty she has during photo shoots. He added, "I knew her personal life would be involved because she has no boundaries."

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In the film, Roitfeld engages with friends and co-workers, including Tom Ford, Karl LagerfeldDonatella Versace and even Kanye West, as she steps out -- in tall heels -- on her own, in a brave new way. As the legendary editor described herself during the interview, she is "a bit fearless."

Mademoiselle C, which opened Sept. 11 in New York and opens Sept. 20 in L.A., makes the intimidating exclusive fashion world appear a lot friendlier and a lot more -- shall we say -- normal.