Madonna Admits She Was 'a Mess' on Physically Grueling MDNA Tour

Madonna Epix Madonna: The MDNA Tour Premiere - P 2013
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Madonna Epix Madonna: The MDNA Tour Premiere - P 2013

Martha Stewart, Andy Cohen and David Blaine were among those who showed up to celebrate the premiere of Her Madjesty's latest concert film, premiering Saturday on Epix.

Madonna fans, celebs and the Queen of Pop herself descended on The Paris Theatre in New York on Tuesday night for The Cinema Society and Dolce & Gabbana-hosted Epix world premiere of Madonna: The MDNA Tour.

As footage from last year's top-grossing series of concerts played onscreen, rabid fans sang along and cheered loudly as if it were a live show.

Afterward, Madonna took the stage for a Q&A.

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Wearing a top hat and suit, which she said was a tribute to Marlene Dietrich, the Queen of Pop revealed the heavy toll the show's complex dance moves and other onstage stunts took on her.

"Thank God I didn't have to do it every night," she said. "I did four to five shows a week. It was hard. Yeah, it was hard. It was probably the hardest tour I've ever done. I was a mess. Talk to my manager."

In fact, the show ultimately became her workout regimen.

When asked what she did to stay in shape during the tour, Madonna shot back, "I did the show every f---ing night, OK?"

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Even when she didn't feel like doing her show, however, the veteran pop star said she felt obligated to perform.

"I sold the tickets, and I can't let my audience down," she explained, noting that she often found herself crying from exhaustion. "Sometimes I didn't feel like I had the strength to go and pretend like crazy shit wasn't happening in the world, but then I thought, 'I have to do it,' and by the end I felt victorious."

"When shitty things happen in the world, my job -- all of our jobs -- is to bring people up," she explained.

Throughout the Q&A, enthusiastic fans applauded and cheered as they bantered with their idol.

One asked what it was like to have her son Rocco on tour with her, and she said he gave her "a little boost of energy" every night and is "disconcertingly comfortable onstage."

Madonna also noted that she still knows the moves for her violent performance of "Gang Bang."

Although she declined to reveal what her next project is, she aired a one-minute trailer of her secret endeavor.

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The audience included Martha Stewart, Bravo's Andy Cohen, Madonna's manager Guy Oseary and pal Debi Mazar, Epix CEO Mark Greenberg, CNN's Alina Cho and Nicky Hilton.

At the afterparty at Harlow in Midtown Manhattan, David Blaine entertained Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, with card tricks as the crowd streamed in from the rain. Deeper into the space, a leather-clad Kelly Osbourne and The Kills' Alison Mosshart staked out a cool-kid corner booth, while Hilton and crew settled in by the DJ, and designer Rachel Roy (who admitted to DIYing her own Madonna looks from Salvation Army finds as a girl) settled in upfront.

Her Madgesty held court from the center of the room, a prime vantage point to watch her backup dancers groove to pop classics.

"She’s iconic," Mazar told THR of Madonna's appeal. "She’s a great entertainer, and she’s very spiritual and positive. I think she’s got a raw sexuality; she’s innovative, chameleonlike."

Madonna: The MDNA Tour will air on Epix on June 22.

Additional reporting by THR staff.