Grammys 2015: Madonna Performs "Living for Love"


The pop icon gave her single "Living for Love" its television debut with a matador-themed performance, complete with an embellished red outfit, a gospel choir in red gowns and a slew of shirtless dancers wearing black horns and sparkling masks. She ended her performance by ascending to the ceiling.

She wore a sexy matador outfit while singing her new tune.

Madonna rocked the stage at the 57th annual Grammys.

The pop icon performed her new tune "Living for Love" while wearing a black-and-red number reminiscent of a matador outfit. She was accompanied by dancers wearing bejeweled masks affixed with bull's horns. 

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Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj announced the performance, with Cyrus playfully calling Madonna a "bitch."

The tune is from her forthcoming album Rebel Heart, releasing March 6. The album has suffered leaks prior to becoming officially available.

In her career, Madonna has won seven Grammys out of 28 nominations. Video of the performance can be seen above.

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