Madonna Introduces Mysterious 'Madame X' With Social Media Teaser

Madonna performs on stage at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation 4th Annual Saint-Tropez Gala  -Getty H 2019
Venturelli/Getty Images for LDC Foundation

The singer greeted the weekend with an introduction to what seems to be a new project or persona.

Madonna greeted the weekend with an introduction to what seems to be a new project, or persona.

The pop icon on Saturday unveiled the mysterious Madame X on Instagram and Twitter, offering a preview of what's to come.

In her posts, Madonna wrote:

"Madame X is a secret agent
Traveling around the world
Changing identities
Fighting for freedom
Bringing light to dark places
She is a cha cha instructor
A professor
A head of state
A housekeeper
An equestrian
A prisoner
A student
A teacher
A nun
A cabaret singer
A saint
A prostitute"

Leaving fans wanting more, she did not confirm whether Madame X is the title of an upcoming song or album release, or if it's an alter ego.

In March, Madonna gave another sneak peek at what she has up her sleeve, tweeting a cryptic photo of a hand cutting an apple with the caption, "A taste of things to come."

Check out Madonna's Madame X teaser below.

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