Madonna Disses Lady Gaga's Music, Says It's 'Reductive' (Video)

ABC Madonna Lady Gaga Split - H 2012
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ABC Madonna Lady Gaga Split - H 2012

In a new ABC interview, the singer opens up about the controversy surrounding Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

Madonna isn't holding back.

The 53-year-old singer revealed her true thoughts about Lady Gaga, who has said that she was heavily influenced by Madonna's music, as evidenced in the similiarities between "Born This Way" and "Express Yourself."

If Lady Gaga was expecting a pat on the back, she may have to look elsewhere.

"It feels reductive," Madonna said to ABC News' Cynthia McFadden during a recent interview.

"Is that good?" McFadden asked.

"Look it up," Madonna answered coyly before taking a sip from her teacup.

In February 2011, Lady Gaga claimed during an appearance on NBC's Tonight Show With Jay Leno that Madonna had given her approval of "Born This Way," then her single. "I got an e-mail from her people and her, sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single, and if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be,” she said.

But it was shot down by Madonna's rep, who said she was not aware of an e-mail that was sent.

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" has received criticism from the music community.

"I honestly think that if you're going to try to be the next Madonna, you need to tip the hat to Madonna," songwriter Evan "Kidd" Bogart tells THR. "When I first heard the song, I heard 'Express Yourself' mixed with 'Vogue.' I still think it's a great song, but it is definitely inspired by Madonna."

Madonna co-wrote and directed W.E. She will present at the Golden Globe Awards.

Watch the interview below:

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