London Concert Organizers: Madonna Won't Exceed Noise Curfew

After Bruce Springsteen got cut off, Live Nation Music U.K. COO John Probyn vows that she would finish a Tuesday night performance in Hyde Park "on time.”

LONDON - Organizers have told Madonna that her Tuesday evening concert in the British capital's Hyde Park would be cut off if she goes beyond a 10:30pm noise curfew the same way Bruce Springsteen's performance was interrupted here Saturday night.
The music star, 53, is scheduled to perform before 50,000 fans on Tuesday night in her first appearance in England for four years. But the Evening Standard reported that she has been told not to exceed the 10:30pm curfew.

Springsteen was playing encores with Paul McCartney on stage for some Beatles songs when their performance was cut off Saturday night around 10:40pm. Springsteen, who is known for playing long, was scheduled to wrap up by 10:15pm.
“It won’t happen again. We’ve had lengthy conversations with Madonna’s people," the paper quoted John Probyn, COO of live event promoter Live Nation Entertainment's Live Nation Music U.K. unit, as saying. "We’ve worked out with them what time she needs to go on stage to finish on time. That’s all in hand.”

Asked whether the plug would be pulled on the superstar if she were to run over, Probyn said: “Yes. We’d have no choice. We are effectively breaking the law if we carry on...She will finish on time.”

The Westminster council, which has been behind much of the discussion about curfews, said it received one noise complaint tied to Springsteen’s concert on Saturday night and a second one on Sunday. The council previously decided to reduce the maximum number of concerts in Hyde Park from 13 to nine starting next year.

Meanwhile, London's mayor, Boris Johnson, said Monday that he would have let Springsteen and McCartney continue. "It sounds to me like an excessively efficacious decision," he said. "You won't get that during the Olympics. If they'd have called me, my answer would have been for them to jam in the name of the Lord!"


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