Watch Madonna Make Stand-Up Debut, Perform "Holiday" With Classroom Instruments (Video)

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

"Wait, please don't pull me off — I have more jokes."

There's one thing Madonna hasn't done until now.

Just when you thought the Queen of Pop had pretty much tried everything on the planet, the Rebel Heart singer revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that she had never done stand-up before. So he offered her the chance on Thursday night (April 9).

"Will you guys laugh if my jokes suck?" she asked the crowd.

The audience obliged as she told jokes about dating younger men. Lots of jokes about younger men. And her set also included plenty of humble brags about her extensive and expensive art collection.

During her appearance on the show, Madonna also performed music. She was joined by Diplo for "Bitch I'm Madonna" and also put a classroom instruments spin on her classic track "Holiday."

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