Madonna Mocks Hydrangeas to 'Godfather' Theme (Video)

"It's a free country! So f--k you, I still hate hydrangeas," she jokes.

At the Venice Film Festival, Madonna earned more attention for dissing a fan who gave her a bouquet of hydrangeas than her W.E.

And she's in on the joke.

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The singer-actress-director released a sepia-hued, silent-film style video on YouTube and Twitter Monday set to the Godfather theme in which she strokes and cries into a bouquet of hydrangeas and messages flash across the screen.

W.E.: Venice Film Review

"You have no idea how many nights I have lost thinking how I hurt you," reads one. "Words cannot express how sorry I am, to think I may have caused you pain."

"My heart is going to burst with sadness. I need to know in time you may forgive me."

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"If I could take back my words, I would, but what am I left with?" reads the screen as a teary Madonna then looks up, throws the bouquet on the floor and begins stomping on them. "I'm left with the fact that I still hate hydrangeas!"

"It's a free country. So f--k you I like roses!!!" reads the last title plate as she storms off.

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After she was given the flowers at press conference in Venice earlier this month, Madonna rolled her eyes, dropped the bouquet on the floor and told W.E. star Andrea Riseborough, "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas. He obviously doesn't know that."