Madonna Moons the Audience During Her Rome Concert (Video)

Madonna flashes in Istanbul

First the controversial singer, 53, bared a breast in Istanbul. Now she's flashed her buttocks in the Italian city.

Madonna just can't stop flashing.

Just days after the iconic pop singer bared a breast while performing "Human Nature" onstage in Istanbul, she exposed herself again in Italy on Tuesday.

While singing the same song onstage at Rome's Stadio Olimpico, she turned her back to the audience and slowly pulled down her pants to reveal her black thonged buttocks and fishnet stockings.

She got a lot of hoots and holler from the men in the audience. But hey, it's Rome.

Some critics are wondering if the 53-year-old is doing these salacious moves just to make headlines. If she is, it seems to still be working. For now.

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The singer has always been known for her outrageous costumes, performances and political statements.  

And she clearly hasn't stopped. During her concert in Tel Aviv, Israel, a swastika was projected on a video image of France’s National Front political leader Marine Le Pen.

The National Front, a far-right politicial party, has long been accused of racism; Le Pen has threatened legal action against Madonna, according to the Daily Mail, if the "Material Girl" continues to display her swastika-emblazoned likeness in France.

THR also reported that Le Pen's right-wing politician father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has advised his daughter to sue Madonna for $1 million and called her "this singer who became famous for throwing her underpants between Jacques Chirac's hands."

So far no one has threatened to sue Madonna for her baring her erogenous zones. But the way things are going, Madonna may run out of salacious body parts to bare for the audience. 

And frankly, it's getting a little embarrassing. LIke watching your mom get a little tipsy at a party and flirt with your boyfriend.

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