Madonna Opens for Amy Schumer, Makes Scandalous Campaign Promise to Hillary Clinton Voters

Madonna in Concert - Getty - H 2016
Ferdy Damman/Getty Images

Schumer was performing at Madison Square Garden when the Queen of Pop made a surprise entrance.

Madonna made a surprise appearance at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, opening for comedian Amy Schumer's stand-up show.

The Queen of Pop used her platform at the legendary New York venue to persuade fans to cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton. She even made her very own campaign promise to the crowd: "If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blow job — and I'm good!"

After the show, Madonna took to Instagram to thank Schumer: "Love and Respect this woman so much!! Thanks for letting me get on your stage! It was AWESOME!! You were AWESOME!" 

Madonna — who was just announced as Billboard's Woman of the Year for 2016 — also posted a photo of herself during her opening act for the comedian. "So much fun opening up for @amyschumer at Madison Square Garden tonight!! It was short but it was sweet (like me). I'm forever changed! Love you Amy!!"

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