Madonna Plays 'Never Have I Ever' with Justin Bieber: "All These Questions Are Sexual"

Madonna and Bieber answer questions about phone sex, dating siblings and more.

Ellen DeGeneres played "Never Have I Ever" with guests Madonna and Justin Bieber. Madonna was all about the game, asking if she and Bieber could spank each other with the paddles.

The questions centered around phone sex, dating siblings, hooking up in bathrooms and forgetting the name of the person you were fooling around with. "All of these questions are sexual," pointed out Madonna. "Just saying."

Watch as she and Bieber answer the questions, and Ellen calls out the Biebs for saying he's all about keeping some things special for his future wife. Madonna and Bieber also joked about dating each other and Bieber plays a prank as a security guard. Watch all the fun below.