Madonna Projects Swastika on French Politician Marine Le Pen's Face During Concert (Video)

Madonna Screen Grab Fash Track - H 2012

Madonna Screen Grab Fash Track - H 2012

The head of the French National Party reportedly threatened legal action if Madonna shows the hate symbol during her upcoming concert in Paris.

Madonna, who eats controversy as a breakfast cereal, has outraged so many people over the years for everything from her fashions to her songs and her concerts, that we’ve lost count.

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Now, she's infuriated France’s National Front political leader Marine Le Pen.

According to Agence France Presse, Madonna performed her song "Nobody Knows Me" in front of a giant screen in Tel Aviv, Isreal, briefly showing Le Pen -- or rather, Le Pen's forehead -- with a white swastika between her eyes.

The subliminal image appeared for just a split second in a montage that included Sarah Palin and Chinese president Hu Jintao. But that was long enough to stir up a French hornet’s nest 

Le Pen is the head of France's far-right politial party, the National Front, a group which has long been accused of racism. But now, Le Pen has threatened legal action, according to the Daily Mail, if the "Material Girl" continues to display the politician's swastika-emblazoned likeness in France.

"We are not a Nazi party, and object to being depicted as such," a party source reportedly told press.

Le Pen, 43,  took an aggressive stand in response to the imagery, telling the British paper, “We understand how old singers who need to get people talking about them go to such extremes." Adding: “if she does that in France, we will be waiting.”