Madonna's Super Bowl Fashion: From Cleopatra to Choir Leader (Video)

The pop diva pulled out all the style stops for Sunday's halftime show.

There were no wardrobe malfunctions at this year's Super Bowl halftime show, co-starring Madonna, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and Cee Lo Green. In fact, Madonna's stage outfits -- spanning a medley of her greatest hits -- had a featured role in a fast-paced, shiny performance that rocked the crowd at Indianapolis' Lucas OIl stadium.

Madonna's first outfit was a black dress with a gold, pleated overskirt. She looked a bit like a Gucci-coated cheerleader, and she was carried out, Cleopatra-style, by a group of dancers dressed as ancient warriors. The skirt was off for the next number, and she danced fast and furiously in the short black dress.

The singer was heavy on the jewels, with her blonde hair long and tightly waved and bouncing to the music. She wore elaborate dangle diamond earrings that were swinging from her ears like diamond fringe.

VIDEO: Madonna's Halftime Performance

Madonna had read about them and convinced the owners that she should wear the diamonds to the Super Bowl. It wasn't easy --  but Madonna tends to get what Madonna wants. As far as we know, the earrings still belong to Marina B. Perhaps the pop diva will recreate them for her own jewelry collection.

For her new song "Gimme All Your Luvin,'" with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. as red-hot-and-black-outfitted cheerleaders, the trio all donned gold pom poms, which added a lot of shine and sparkle to the staging. In the last number, "Like a Prayer," Cee Lo Green joined Madonna in a robe coat as a choir leader -- with a panel of singers emerging behind them -- and after leaving the stage for about three seconds, Madonna emerged in a long black gown with long sleeves. The dress could have been a piece thrown over her short black dress -- but whatever it was, it worked great and it worked fast. She was suddenly back in her religious phase.