Madrid CD/DVD pirate ring busted


MADRID -- Spanish police on Wednesday broke up a prolific pirating ring of Chinese nationals here, dismantling what they called the biggest pirating factory in Spain, with the capability of producing some 80,000 illegal copies per day.

In the bust, police seized 20 recording towers and 155,000 virgin and already recorded CDs and DVDs.

Police also found so-called master copies achieved through illegal recordings in theaters, including some from titles not yet released in Spain.

Police estimate that the gang's production had been capable of earning €240,000 ($371,000) in daily sales on the street.

The sting was part of ramped-up activity by the Intellectual Property Brigade of the national police and was applauded by the Secretary of State of Security Antonio Camacho and Culture Minister Cesar Antonio Medina, who met with the arresting agents to congratulate them personally.