Madrid deal: 19 films, 2 TV series, 1 mini


MADRID -- Madrid-based production house Spanish Intercontinental TV and Valencian producer Pepon Sigler have signed a co-production deal that covers 19 feature films, two TV series and a miniseries designed for the U.S. market, the company said Tuesday.

Sigler, who most recently co-produced Antonio Banderas' Spanish-language "Summer Rain" and Jose Antonio Escriva's "Cartas de Sorolla," will co-produce, while Spanish Intercontinental will take the lead in production.

The mostly English-language projects will average €20 million ($27.5 million) and feature top international actors.

Among those in preproduction are the biopics "Garbo"; "Maracas: The Carmen Miranda Story"; "Euro-Central," about the life of an American TV personality who finds work on a European network; and "The Trial of Ezra Pound," about the treason trial of one of America's leading luminaries.

Spanish Intercontinental TV is one of the founding members and main shareholders of Intervision Partners, the New York-based company that will handle the U.S. and international distribution of the material.

"This is our biggest deal to date," Spanish Intercontinental TV chief Max Montalvo said. "But we've just begun. We have a very serious plan of action."

Intervision Partners executives are visiting European studios with the objective of centralizing production in one place and negotiating long-term pacts with studios.

The deal with Sigler could signal an inclination toward Valencia's state-of-the-art studio City of Lights, which offers subsidies to producers who employ a local co-production partner.

Intervision Partners was founded by New York-based Total Communications Group, Spanish Intercontinental TV, production house 4-D Creative Media and U.S. cable network AmericanLife TV.
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