"Make America Great Again" Overalls Are a Thing Now

Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images

Sorry, shortalls.

Based on the existing repertoire of Trump Industries-branded merchandise — ties, tees, hats, etc., all bearing the gilded "T" — we should have known that no article of clothing is exempt from branding. 

President Trump's loyal followers have taken notice, and ripped a move straight from the pages of his playbook by embroidering his "Make America Great Again" slogan on not just those infamous red trucker caps, but also on mugs, bumper stickers and now, even overalls.

Molly Ball, a political writer for The Atlantic, posted a photo to Twitter of the aforementioned overalls so as to alert the public to their existence.  

Tucked between a t-shirt depicting the 45th president of these United States of America taking a leak on a snowflake, and a "Trump for President 2020" t-shirt, was the pair of fire-engine red overalls (well, technically shortalls) touting the oft-parodied "Make America Great Again." (It's only a matter of time before a second pair reading, "Make Overalls Great Again" pops up.)

At the moment, overalls are a trendy item found in many a snowflake's closet. However they also hold a special significance for the working class, as they were originally designed for hard manual labor and not just for jaunting to the farmer's market to pick up a few organic dragon fruits and some succulents. We're guessing that in this scenario, the decision to create MAGA overalls was a nod to laborers.

At this point, asking "why" more merchandise is being continually branded with the MAGA logo is a futile endeavor. The better question is what the Trump supporters will brand next. Boots? Bro tanks? Briefs? Stay tuned. 

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