'Magic City': How the Upcoming Starz Drama Handled a Uniquely Hairy Situation

Starz Entertainment, LLC

Showrunner Mitch Glazer was willing to go below the belt to ensure that his fictional world remained historically accurate.

A version of this story originally appeared in the Rambling Reporter column of the April 13 issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

Like Mad Men, the 1959-set Magic City, premiering April 6, is on guard against the slightest anachronistic miscue. But there are a few more things on display, given that the drama — which centers on a charming Miami hotelier played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan — features frequent full-frontal female nudity. (Magic City will appear on premium cable channel Starz, also the home of Spartacus, well known for its au naturel mise-en-scene.)

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Today’s Brazilian waxing would look out of place. “We wanted to be historically accurate across the board,” says showrunner Mitch Glazer. “It sounds insane, but it was an issue to find women of a certain age who were period-correct.”

TV REVIEW: Magic City

Ergo, the women in the show’s makeup department gently requested that the actresses allow themselves to grow into their parts. CG effects also assist as necessary.

Explains Glazer: “God is in the details! The illusion has to be complete.”

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