Magic Johnson Expresses Support for Charlie Sheen: You Can "Live a Long Life"

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Johnson invites Sheen to help him educate the world about HIV.

Magic Johnson spoke out today about Charlie Sheen's revelation he is HIV-positive.

Johnson, who went public with his HIV-positive diagnosis in November 1991, said he wished the best for Sheen and his family.

"I wish Charlie Sheen and his family the best," wrote Johnson on his Twitter. "With the advancement in treatments and medicine he can fight this disease and live a long life."

Johnson has been an HIV advocate since he revealed he was HIV-positive. He started the Magic Johnson Foundation to help combat the disease, and has worked to educate people, in an effort to destigmatize both HIV and AIDS. He now hopes Sheen will join him on his mission.

"In Charlie Sheen breaking his silence, I hope he joins me in educating the world about HIV/AIDs," said Johnson in a follow-up tweet.

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