Magic Leap Unveils AR Goggles - Glasses- Publicity-H 2017
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The secretive startup, which has raised more than $1.8 billion, finally unveiled its augmented reality goggles, Magic Leap One Creator Edition, that will ship in 2018.

Magic Leap has unveiled its hotly anticipated augmented reality goggles. 

The company updated its website on Wednesday morning to show new images of Magic Leap One Creator Edition, which it describes as "built for creators who want to change how we experience the world."

The website goes on to describe the goggles as lightweight and says the product will feature environmental mapping, precision tracking and soundfield audio. Each set of goggles comes with a computing system that Magic Leap calls a Lightpack that can clip onto a person's pants pocket as well as a wand that allows for navigation of the Magic Leap platform. 

Magic Leap's AR technology, which places digital images alongside real life, is expected to have applications in gaming, entertainment, communications and web browsing. 

The devices will ship in 2018. The price has not yet been disclosed. 

Founded in 2011, the once secretive Magic Leap has raised more than $1.8 billion from investors that include Google, Alibaba, Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment.