Magician Penn Jillette Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Horror Pic

Penn Jillette - P 2013
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Penn Jillette - P 2013

The performer hopes to raise nearly $1 million for his dark thriller-comedy.

Penn Jillette, one half of the comedic magic duo Penn & Teller, launched a campaign Thursday on the crowdfunding website FundAnything in the hopes of raising nearly $1 million for his horror film.

Jillette, last year's runner-up on NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice, took to co-founder Donald Trump's site to raise his goal of $999,972 for "Director's Cut," a comedic thriller told with director's commentary, written by Jillette and to be directed by Adam Rifkin.

With 41 days to go, the project has already raised $295,809 from 1,229 contributions.

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"I don't need a lot of money by movie-making standards," Jillette says in his campaign video. "But I need more than I have myself."

The six top donors who chip in $11,000 can earn an executive producer title for the film. For donors who contribute $4,100, Jillette will officiate wedding and renewal vows, and for $5,100, donors can land a role.

The campaign bears the tagline "Help Make Penn a Bad Guy" and if successful would enable Jillette to star as a psychotic, obsessed fan that becomes fixated on a young starlet. The film's leading actress has yet to be cast.

In a campaign video posted on the film's FundAnything site, Jillette transitions into his character, dropping expletives and letting down his long hair, usually pulled back in a low ponytail.

View the video below or head to the film's website for more.