Magna Carta Gets Mini Series Treatment From Bedlam Productions, Multiple Media Entertainment

"The King's Speech"
The Weinstein Co.

It is "King's Speech's" four wins in February that TWC is now looking to beat.

The Canadian-U.K. co-production involving "The King's Speech" maker is timed for the 800th anniversary of the signing of the historic charter in 1215.

TORONTO – Canadian independent producer Multiple Media Entertainment is working with Bedlam Productions, a partner on the Oscar-winning The King’s Speech, to develop a mini series entitled Magna Carta.

The scripted Canada-U.K. co-production, likely to be a series of 10 one-hour episodes, has Canadian writer Donald Martin on board to write a script.

The project, to be shot in the U.K. and post-produced in Canada, will tie in with the 800th anniversary of King John sealing a charter that is regarded as the foundation of British law in 1215.

Michael Taylor, Drew Craig, Chris Morley and Gareth Unwin will share executive producer credits.

Canadian scribe Martin wrote the mini series Cat. 8 for Sonar Entertainment, which stars Matthew Modine and Maxime Roy.