Magnolia: Testing day-and-date

2006 boxoffice: $10.7 million

Magnolia Pictures started and ended 2006 as the theatrical distribution arm of two day-and-date films released on DVD and the HDNet cable channel: Steven Soderbergh's "Bubble" and Matt Tauber's "The Architect." The boxoffice failure of both (along with the comedy "One Last Thing ...") showed that while many exhibitors might be worrying about the impact of day-and-date, it still is in its embryonic stages. Four of Magnolia's 15 releases only reached four figures and another four only hit five figures, but the company had a $5 million-plus success with the late-2005 release "The World's Fastest Indian," staring Anthony Hopkins. "District B13" jumped to $1.2 million highlighting acrobatic "parkour" action, and Magnolia rode a wave of mini-controversies to bring the docu "Jesus Camp" to $850,000.

Magnolia releases Date Boxoffice
Bubble 1/27 $0.1
2005 Academy Nominated Short Films 2/24 0.2
Evil 3/10 0.02
Herbie Hancock: Possibilities 4/14 0.002
Somersault 4/21 0.09
The Lost City 4/28 2.5
One Last Thing ... 5/5 0.09
Dead Man's Shoes 5/12 0.006
District B13 6/2 1.2
Only Human 6/16 0.3
Pusher Trilogy 8/18 0.004
Jesus Camp 9/15 0.9
Cocaine Cowboys 10/27 0.1
Samoan Wedding 11/10 0.06
The Architect 12/1 0.01
The World's Fastest Indian 12/9/05 5.1
Nine Lives 10/14/05 0.1

The boxoffice and market share for each distributor represents tickets sales from Jan. 3, 2006, through Jan. 1, 2007, inclusive. "Films tracked" represents the total number of films, including 2005 releases that generated ticket sales for each distributor. For 2005 releases, only boxoffice returns from 2006 are reported.


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