Magnolia's Magnet picks up 'District 13'

Luc Besson produced, wrote 'D-13' sequel

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CANNES -- Magnolia genre label Magnet has acquired "District 13 Ultimatum," the Patrick Alessandrin-helmed sequel to French-language actioner "D-13."

Luc Besson produced and wrote the sequel after co-writing and co-producing the first movie, also released by Magnet.

In the sequel, David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli reprise their roles as Leito and Damien, two Parisian figures who try to restore order to a city beset by gang violence.

Europacorp produce the movie, while Magnolia's Tom Quinn and Chris Matson negotiated the deal with Pascal Degove of Europacorp. Rights to the film are being sold in the market at Cannes.

The deal is Magnet's second pickup of a foreign-language action-adventure tale. The label grabbed John Woo's action epic "Red Cliff" earlier in the week.