Maidenform Targets Hollywood Stylists

The lingerie and bodyshaper brand celebrates 90 years with a Feb. 24 event.

This time of year, brands are trying to get to Oscar goers and stylists in every way they can -- but Maidenform, celebrating its 90th anniversary this year -- came up with something pretty ingenious and original: They sent the big stylists trunks of bodyshapers. That's right -- trunks!

What was in these specialized trunks? What was NOT is the better question. Maidenform filled these trunks with endless possibilities for the stylists' clients, and even learned the actresses' sizes, and sent them in the appropriate size. If a stylist has multiple clients, the brand sent sets in each possible size. There were Pure Genius! Multiway Wire Free bras and half slips -- perfect for those strapless dresses and halter -- and one shoulder numbers. There were Easy Up Low Back bodybriefers -- for tight dresses with low backs. In brief -- yes, we did say that -- they thought of everything stylists could want to put under their clients' dresses for Oscar night, IFP's, multiple parties, etc. Because even the skinniest actress needs something to hold them up, hold them in -- in the right places. Or the wrong places. Stylists Peter Flannery (Emma Stone), Karla Welch (Olivia Wilde), Linda Medvene (dressing an Oscar nominee, we can't say who -- but she might be French!), Anna Bingemann, George Kotsiopolous and Jiff Kim all received trunks, stocked with multitudes of pieces for current and future clients. We can just imagine them toting them off in the back of SUV's for multiple fittings. 

Maidenform will follow it all up with a big stylists' breakfast on Feb. 24, at the Soho House -- where they'll also celebrate 90 years in business, with Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant as host.

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